LoRa network for industrial areas in Zaltbommel

Industrial Areas Waluwe and Van Voorde Park are getting smarter by the realization of an open-source network which entrepreneurs can build together smart sensors.

The association park management and the Waluwe Van Voordenpark goes along with the municipality of Zaltbommel, development agency Oost NV and Stichting Smart Business Parcs smarter industrial sites through the realization of a smart network of sensors and surveillance.

Smart protection and management of industrial

“We as an association been active in two business areas in Zaltbommel,” said Frank Green, president of the association. As an association, we are always looking for innovation in our approach and then focused on quality improvement and cost reduction for businesses by addressing business together.

The need to improve the level of safety is a big desire of entrepreneurs to which we respond by creating a network together with the municipality for video surveillance and smart sensors. The power lies in the collective approach to business.

Entrepreneurs in the coming months can choose a number of options that contribute to the security of businesses, visitors and staff. That process, we want to initiate in order to achieve a smart approach to security and management of our land, says Maaike van der Ven of the municipality of Zaltbommel.

The Internet of Things in Zaltbommel

“Our goal is to transform industrial sites into a Smart Business Parc,” said park manager Claudine Kiefer. We do this by building an open network for smart sensors in accordance with the approach of The Things Network in Amsterdam and the business Overbetuwe. With this network, we realize both a testing ground for entrepreneurs who want to know The Internet Of Things and the other a network of sensors that helps with the efficient management of the business. “” The municipality is investigating the applicability of the opportunities that are available, “explains Maaike van der Ven increasing.

smart sensors
There are sensors that eg vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians can count on any location on the industrial estate. Allows the community valuable information about mobility flows in those areas. There is also a sensor that measures whether the bins are full in the public space, so that an efficient route can be planned for the waste service. For entrepreneurs there is a sensor in development which helps with securing material is stored in outside areas of entrepreneurs. All developments should contribute to a quality improvement or cost reduction. The first sensors within the network will be operational in the coming months.
stimulate innovation

“This pilot is a local implementation of The Internet of Things in a business park so that experiences can be an open and free to use network sensors. Thus, the threshold low for innovative developments to come. It also promotes cooperation and knowledge exchange between companies, universities and municipalities, “said Paul Deimann Development Agency East of SA.

During a ‘hackathon’ open in July 2016 business owners and municipal employees which business problems can be solved by using innovative sensors. The network is open to anyone who wants to test sensors.

Smart Parcs

Smart Business Parcs is an open and free Internet of Things data network. Built and maintained by its users. The users investing in network equipment and connecting it via the Internet to a global network. Schiffelers, founder of Smart Business Parcs “Park Management Zaltbommel sees an opportunity to build an open and free network to stimulate the spirit of innovation. A good example of how to connect to create as a company with the global community and himself a local IoT community. ”

If successful, will other industrial sites in the town are provided by the park management of a single network, thereby creating a network for the municipality of Zaltbommel.
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