Licht sensor

Leveraging the new Low Power Wide Area Network, LoRa®, disruptive long range wireless technology, offering unique network scalability and a 10x range extension over the existing sub -1GHz solutions, LumenUnda is the state of the art in remote control lighting based on LoRa®.

It has an on board Astronomical Clock, temperature and current sensor for power metering and overall monitoring of the LED lamp health status. Dimming control, with full control of ramp-up and ramp-down timing, via 1-10V or DALI(*) interface.

GPS for hassle-free commissioning of devices, there is no need anymore to have a team in the field to geo-locate the exact position of the sensor.
On board gyroscope sensor to have real-time indication of the tilting of the light pole adding an additional sensing possibility.
A I2C expansion bus is also present that will enable to add additional sensors allowing future functionalities on top of simple lighting control.
From a simple PIR sensor to a full set of environmental sensors to keep track of the pollution level in the air.

LumenUnda as well as being a full product is a platform that can be tailored to a customer’s needs meeting particular technical and pricing sensitive scenarios, adding or removing features as required.

LumenUnda can work as an external module in an IP65 casing, but is suited, due to its miminal dimensions, to be integrated directly into the light head.
We offer our engineering team to guide you during the integration processes  including the full certification needed to finalize the integration task.


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