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Tracknet LoRa Alliance

Sunnyvale, Calif., Feb 1, 2017 – TrackNet, Inc., a cutting-edge LoRaWAN™ Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider for consumer and industry, today announces that it has joined the LoRa Alliance™ as a contributor member to support the continued development of global roaming and market acceptance of the LoRaWAN™ specification as the defacto low power wide […]

The community of smart business parcs has made a connection with the HAN. HAN students participating in the minor Smart City work on challenges that are applied by entrepreneurs in the various industrial estates. Entrepreneurs and students come together in the meetup and local mini hackathons. Do you as an entrepreneur closes a challenge for […]

Rivierenland covers a large area in the Netherlands with plenty of opportunities for Lora. This new TTN Rivierenland community aims to facilitate this. We are looking for enthusiastic IoT members or help Rivierenland Lora make opaque to share (with Lora Gateways) or knowledge about fun Lora opportunities and projects. Interested? Connect you with this community!

A Hackathon able to connect Education, Entrepreneurs and Government and is still fun and educational too (for all parties). It was a great day in Wijchen with many beautiful solutions and a lot of interest. Thanks to a good cooperation between the Municipality of Wijchen, Entrepreneurs from Wijchen, Smart Business Parcs, Rabobank Hogeschool Arnhem and […]

Semtech has introduced a new LoRa community in the area of ​​LoRawan. Share news, get to know the products and the network through this community. Join and participate! LoRa is a wireless RF technology developed to create the low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) required for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The use cases enabled by LoRa-based […]

The municipalities Wijchen and Nijmegen also go for smart businesses areas. In cooperation with Rabobank Nijmegen, the Han and the various business associations, they build on the Lora’s network of TTN. November 25 a.s. is a hackathon in the castle of wijchen. Opt in via www.spwijchennijmegen.nl or meetup Smart Parcs. Entrepreneurs are asked to come […]

,, Our goal is to stimulate innovation among entrepreneurs and to provide high quality business parks, “said park manager Marion van Gils.” We do this by building an open network for smart sensors in accordance with the approach of The Things Network in Amsterdam. With this network, we realize both a testing ground for entrepreneurs […]

Industrial Areas Waluwe and Van Voorde Park are getting smarter by the realization of an open-source network which entrepreneurs can build together smart sensors. The association park management and the Waluwe Van Voordenpark goes along with the municipality of Zaltbommel, development agency Oost NV and Stichting Smart Business Parcs smarter industrial sites through the realization […]

Je bent op zoek naar ondersteuning bij scannen, printen of een ander aspect van 3D-printing. Wij kunnen je helpen met vrijwel alle dingen die komen kijken bij 3D-printen. Ontwerpen Zet een idee om in een model of print. Met programma’s als SketchUp, Meshlab en Solidworks maak je zelf eenvoudige modellen. Wij helpen je graag met […]

De slimste binnenstad van NL verkiezing geeft inzicht in Smart City oplossingen en activiteiten van Nederlandse top steden. De verkiezing en andere mooie IOT-oplossigen worden in de maand april en mei gepresenteerd tijdens een programma op RTL 7. Oplossingen voor milieu, verlichting, beveiliging, natuur en anderen worden gepresenteerd tijdens deze programma’s. Het programma is opgenomen […]